Monday, April 4, 2011

Austin Lonestar Roundup

Hello!  This is my first post.  My husband and I went to the Austin Roundup this weekend with some of our closest friends.  So naturally I had to have some new outfits.  What's a girl to do when she's low on cash and time?  Why sew some easy outfits, of course!  I was terrible about taking photos so it might take a few days to get pictures from our friends of my other outfits.  However, I have one photo of my outfit for Friday night.  It was a halter and sarong skirt.  The halter top was made from an actual vintage 40's pattern (Simplicity 1624) and the skirt was made from an 80's sarong wrap skirt pattern (Very Easy Very Vogue 9298).
I definitely needed Retro Vision goggles when buying this pattern.  This is so '80s and hideous.

I made style 2.  I also made style 1.  Will post pics soon!

This picture was taken in our friend's trailer.  I want my own!  Imagine all the decorating possibilities. 

Me and my hubby!
  I actually made the top twice.  I assumed that it would be too small since most patterns are made for B cups and I am much larger than that.  So I added an inch or two too many and ended up with a tent.  Note to self: Always make a muslin!  I also added several inches to the bottom band for modesty.  I didn't want to wear a bikini top out on South Congress.  Luckily, I bought more fabric than I needed and the top was quick and easy to sew.  The outfit was a hit and now I need to hold a sewing workshop for my girlfriends.  Cocktails and sewing anyone?


  1. Lovin' this blog, sister! A sewing party is a must because I seriously would beg to borrow that pattern for the tops!! We could work an exchange perhaps? as I have been collecting vintage patterns here and there. :) Jeanette has mentioned starting a sewing circle, too; so, I'm sure we could round up some more keen gals to get creative with! Keep it up! Cute clothes for a cute lady!

  2. I just saw your post on Sew Retro. This is such a cute top, and you look beautiful! The sewing workshop is such a fun idea too. It's nice to work through a pattern with other people.

  3. The tops looks fantastic on you, Great job you did making it!